Mekra Lang delegation visits Voyager Technology to explore commercial vehicle CMS technology and partnership.

Together, we bringing future mobility to life

Voyager Technology is a participating member of white paper "C-V2X and Single-Vehicle Intelligent Integration Functions and Applications"

Voyager Technology will continue to promote the rapid and healthy development of C-V2X and single-vehicle intelligent integration!

Voyager Technology's 10th anniversary new journey strategy conference was successfully held!

Together, we bring future mobility to life.

Voyager Tech awarded the title of "Top 10 CMS Supplier"

Voyager Tech’s CMS technology solution has once again received industry recognition.

Voyager Tech appears at 2023 ICVS

Continuing forward.

Loving guidance | Voyager Tech helps pearl students’ dreams take off

Guiding students' dreams.

Putuo Youth Entrepreneurial Training Program: Voyager Tech empowers cross-strait university students to embark on first workplace experience

We are excited to see how they will shape the world.

Cross-strait college students gathered at Voyager to experience smart driving

Helping young students to expand their scientific horizons and fall in love with future mobility.

Voyager Tech recently completed B1 round financing of nearly 100 million Chinese Yuan, accelerating the foundation of high-level smart driving

Voyager Tech will continue to develop the core technology of VT-Pilot®, continuously improving intelligent mobility and enriching human-machine co-driving experience.

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