Voyager Technology is a participating member of white paper "C-V2X and Single-Vehicle Intelligent Integration Functions and Applications"

On October 22, 2023, during the "Fourth China (Wuxi) Telematics Industry Development Summit Forum", Voyager Technology experts participated in the development of the "C-V2X and single-vehicle intelligent integration functions and applications" white paper released in the General Assembly.



The white paper entirely explains the research status and necessity of C-V2X and single-vehicle intelligent integration application, identifies the functions and applications of C-V2X and single-vehicle intelligent integration, clarifies the system architecture of different categories of integrated functions, analyzes the functional safety requirements of different integration application scenarios, and puts forward suggestions for subsequent development, with a view to facilitating the rapid and healthy development of C-V2X and single-vehicle intelligent integration industry.


This white paper is issued by IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group, led by China CITI Group / CITICI, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Motor, and Qualcomm, with the active participation of automobile enterprises such as FAW, SAIC, BYD, GAC, JAC, BAIC, and Xiaopeng, and the in-depth integration of industrial chain enterprises such as Bosch, Continental, Neusoft, National Automobile Intelligent Union, and Morningcore Technology, as well as scientific research institutions such as Chongqing University, China Automobile Center, and China Automobile Research Institute, and other scientific research units, Baidu, DDT, Voyager Technology and other representatives of automatic driving / smart driving enterprises to jointly complete.



In the past two years, Voyager Technology has actively launched the research development and deployment of smart driving system solutions, and continuously strengthened the digital road integration sensing ability, empowering the upgrading of vehicle-road collaboration industry. In the future, Voyager Technology will continue to utilize technological advantages to strengthen R&D and innovation of single-vehicle intelligent functions and vehicle-road collaboration, and actively promote the rapid and healthy development of C-V2X and single-vehicle intelligent integration!