2023 Most Investable Top 10 Companies | Voyager Technology brings smarter and safer driving experiences to life.

On December 6-7, GTM2023 (6th) “SEV Smart Driving & Smart Cockpit Hardware-Software Codesign Development Forum” hosted by EqualOcean was held in Beijing, China. Brian Chen, Founder & CEO of Voyager Technology, delivered a keynote speech introducing Voyager's advantages and roadmaps in product technology, hardware breakthroughs and applications, hardware-software integration, smart driving and smart cockpit business cooperation models.



Mr. Chen pointed out that Voyager Technology is more focused on actual needs of OEMs, product performance in all aspects of R&D and mass production, and always do more than what the customer requires. "In the smart ADAS market, there is no best solution, only the most suitable one. Voyager aims to provide better cost-effective and mass production products for smarter and safer driving experiences."



On the same day, Voyager Technology was awarded "2023 China Intelligent Electric Vehicle Industry Most Investable Top 10 Companies" by EqualOcean for patents, R&D technology, ESG layout, market scale, investor acknowledgement and brand value.