Mekra Lang delegation visits Voyager Technology to explore commercial vehicle CMS technology and partnership.

November 23-24, 2023, Harald Emmert, Vice President of Mekra Lang-Global, and Shen Jian, General Manager of Mekra Lang-Shanghai, led a team to visit and exchange views with Voyager Technology. The Mekra Lang team visited Voyager's intelligent manufacturing centre and R&D center in China, to evaluate Voyager's product line, development roadmap, and latest commercial vehicle camera monitor system solutions (VT-CMS).



Discussion topics focused primarily on VT-CMS technology, mass production, customer requirements, and supply chain localization. As a Tier 1 supplier, Voyager Technology possesses comprehensive capabilities spanning hardware design, software development, hardware-software integration, production, quality assurance, and after-sales service. Notably, Voyager Technology emphasized their independently developed AI+ISP algorithm, boasting industry-leading image quality technology, complete ISP end-to-end implementation capability, and support for various application scenarios such as rain and fog removal, blind spot detection, and more. Heating technology solution also allows for efficient deicing and defrosting.



Mr. Emmert, expressed confidence in Voyager's VT-CMS image processing, functional safety design, system stability, mass and customized production, as well as compliance to Chinese regulations. With eager anticipation for further collaboration and development between the two parties.



Mekra Lang, a global leading commercial vehicle camera monitor system manufacturer, acknowledges the technology and solution designed by Voyager Technology.  As the Chinese market for commercial vehicle CMS enters mass production phase, it reflects the market's growing importance and demand for OEM installed CMS. Voyager Technology looks forward to deepening collaborative efforts with industry partners to further explore technological innovation and application, together, we bringing future mobility to life.