Putuo Youth Entrepreneurial Training Program: Voyager Tech empowers cross-strait university students to embark on first workplace experience

On July 17, 2023, the Putuo Youth Entrepreneurial Training Program - a cross-strait youth business practice training camp, officially commenced. Yang Lihua, deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipality, Wang Jue, deputy head of the Putuo District People's Government, and other leaders attended the event. A total of about 70 people including sponsors, supporting units, internship companies, training camp instructors and students participated. Voyager Tech, as one of the cross-strait youth enterprise practice bases that were strictly selected this year, was invited to attend the opening ceremony.



This year's "Youth Entrepreneurial Training Program" youth training camp was initiated by the Putuo District Working Committee of the Shanghai Taiwan Association. It is a key recommendation project of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council. With the theme of "Never Settle——Live up to your youth and create a brighter future" to help young students from both sides of the strait to better utilize their personal advantages, improve workplace efficiency, and maximize their gains in the workplace during their daily corporate internships.


At the event, Voyager Tech, K-BOXING, Shouqianba, and Seazen Holdings 4 newly selected companies in 2023 were jointly awarded the "Practice Base Enterprises Plaque", and Voyager Tech founder & CEO Brian Chen was nominated as a "Mentor for Cross-Strait Youth Enterprises".



Voyager Tech, as the only high-tech enterprise practice base in this event, provides opportunities for college students on both sides of the strait to enhance their professional knowledge and gain workplace experience, allow them to participate in real enterprise practice and learn about the smart driving industry and latest technology, and according to the actual situation of the practice group, assign professional tutors to assist the students to carry out the practice tasks smoothly.


At the opening ceremony, a representative of the 2023 "Putuo Youth Entrepreneurial Training Program" cross-strait youth enterprise practice training camp, and one of Voyager Tech's algorithm platform interns, Qi Shibo from East China Normal University delivered his own speech about participating in the camp, He showed us the high fighting spirit of contemporary college students. Regarding the growth expectations of corporate practice, he said that he strives to improve himself-practice in learning, exercise in practice, and improve in exercise, so as to achieve a win-win situation between the individual and the enterprise.



In the next one-month on-site workplace experience and practice, Voyager Tech will share corporate development and culture with college students from both sides of the strait, and combine with the future development needs of the company and the smart driving industry, jointly make innovative proposals and creative problem solving for this technology field. Let the interns feel hands on atmosphere in the real workplace environment, smoothly absorb the necessary knowledge and skills in smart driving, and lay a solid foundation for future internships, employment, or entrepreneurship in Shanghai for young students from both sides of the strait.


Through this event, we hope to cultivate more outstanding talents for society and the smart driving industry, and create a better future together!


● The left second to fourth are interns from East China Normal University, University of Taipei and Tunghai University respectively