Revealing the award! How Voyager Technology honed its powerful intelligent manufacturing centre

Recently, the first "Create to win the future" Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor Technology and Industrial Innovation Contest concluded perfectly. As one of the important intelligent manufacturing centres of Voyager Technology, Voyager Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., was selected from 156 outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial projects from the smart manufacturing industry to win second prize in the inaugural category, and accepted the award from the organizing committee at the 5th CIIE Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Innovation Corridor High-quality Development Elements Docking Conference.



Voyager Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is Voyager Technology’s smart manufacturing centre located in Jiaxing Pinghu Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang province, with a total area of more than 10000 square meters and strict implementation for zero emissions. There are three highly automated workshops in the centre. The production process is scheduled by MES manufacturing execution system, and the product quality is strictly controlled by automatic testing system and functional testing process. Each year, nearly 300,000 sets of products used in advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving systems are produced here and reach customers all over the country, with just over 20 production operators.


As a Tier 1 supplier of intelligent driving solutions, Voyager Technology Jiaxing Smart Manufacturing centre with efficient, flexible production capacity, and intelligent digital management, intelligent manufacturing with remarkable mass production achievements, was selected as “Zhejiang Science and Technology Small Medium Enterprises”.


Software and hardware integration, strengthen the advantages of full stack self-development


Voyager Technology has been focused on products and technologies in the fields of environment sensing, intelligent decision-making, control and execution. Its strengths are software algorithms, system integration, and full stack R & D.


“If the development of software is separated from the production of hardware, then the software is 'water without a source” said John Li, Voyager Technology’s COO. “The aim of Voyager Technology Jiaxing Smart Manufacturing Centre was established in order to fully tap the unlimited potential of the combination of hardware and software, and to support the development of Voyager Technology's smart driving solution system more system-specific and robust.”


When software development is separated from hardware, there may be a lack of compatibility, cost-effectiveness is not high, the effectiveness of the situation is not strong enough.  Only by mastering hardware, rather than collaborating or outsourcing, can hardware and software requirements be integrated in the early stages of design planning, and give full access to the hardware for software calibration, system level functions.


In addition, the combination of hardware and software can fully meet the customer's customized needs, in order to help them create differentiation for a unique competitive advantage.


At the same time, Voyager Technology Jiaxing Smart Manufacturing Centre from manufacturing process, product selection, material selection, integration is based on end-use requirements with the highest cost-effective, high compatibility to fully meet customer requirements.


Green and controllable, orderly quality inspection, traceable throughout


For automotive parts production environment, Voyager Technology Jiaxing Smart Manufacturing Centre always adhere to high standards and strict requirements. Using industry's top-of-line equipment to ensure product quality and performance, while meeting the consideration of green production. Take the important SMT reflow soldering process as an example, if traditional solder paste is used, to remove the residue after soldering, it needs to be cleaned with a solvent that will cause damage to the environment. Voyager Technology Jiaxing Smart Manufacturing Centre chooses lead-free, clean-free, totally halogen-free solder paste to avoid environmental pollution and achieve zero emission production.


Camera and domain control units are precision parts, for the need of quality control, the intelligent production process will go through the automatic detection stage. When the product involves optical sensor, controller, etc., the precision of PCBA (PCB board after SMT parts integrated circuit assembly) mounting accuracy, automatic focusing precision is very important to product quality. By means of 3D optical image measuring instrument, the precise mechanical dimension, shape and position tolerance can be measured automatically and programmed to ensure the consistency of feeding materials, automatic inspection, automatic generation of test program and test report, effectively improve the SMT quality and productivity. X-ray measurements to ensure the quality of parts such as BGA (Ball Grid Array)/QFN (Quad Flat No-lead Package).


In addition, based on the real-time management of MES system, each workstation can achieve quality control, error prevention, accurate traceability. The entire life cycle of each component in Voyager Technology Jiaxing Smart Manufacturing Centre can be traced whereas the manufacturing process and inspection results of each process can be traced directly to any node.



Complete, efficient and compliant supply chain system


Critical electronic components selected by Voyager Technology "Smart Manufacturing" are world-class products, such as Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Omnivision, as well as high-quality suppliers of other structural components from Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone. The purpose of this supply chain layout is to improve the product stability by using fully proven products. The supply chain of the Yangtze River Delta can shorten the supply time and realize pull-type production. The advantage of pull manufacturing is that it can have the smallest inventory and the shortest feedback time, thus improving the customer satisfaction, while also improving its operational efficiency and controlling the cost of production.


The automotive industry has a strict qualification process, once the customer freezes product design, it cannot be changed. How to continue production in case of emergencies? Voyager Technology has the advantage of working closely with its suppliers on supply chain management to improve support capabilities so that they can respond in a timely manner to an emergency situation.


In addition to efficient planning, rapid response, clean compliance is the basic requirements of the supply chain. Only by adhering to principles, can we truly carry out our work objectively and truthfully in the selection and management of suppliers.


Through a comprehensive and scientific structure, Voyager Technology Jiaxing Smart Manufacturing Centre has achieved good economic and environmental benefits in terms of asset efficiency, quality, cost, safety and sustainability, and received positive feedback from customers, further promoting Voyager Technology's sustainable high-quality and sound development.