CMS accelerated deployment | Voyager Technology and Wuhu Automobile Advanced Technology Institute Co., Ltd. achieves strategic alliance

In recent years, the development of electric, intelligent and networked automobiles has become an inevitable trend, and technological innovation is becoming the growth of automobile industry. Keeping up with the changes of the times, continuing the advanced innovation technology of the automobile industry, Voyager Technology and Wuhu Automobile Advanced Technology Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Advanced institute company") formally achieves strategic alliance.



According to the cooperation agreement, both parties invest their respective professional advantages, and collaborate to CMS product development, resource sharing and professional cooperation. Through in depth cooperation, both sides to enhance the impact of their respective areas of brand and business value.


Voyager Technology has been focused on environmental sensing, intelligent decision-making, control and execution for nearly a decade, to provide safe, efficient, and smart travel solutions to our customers. As an innovator of CMS products, Voyager Technology has completed product pre-development and technical validation in the areas of passenger and commercial vehicles, concentrating on pain points of the urban driving scenarios, intelligent dynamic view adjustment in starting, driving, turning, and harsh driving environment.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. , Advanced institute company focuses on new generation automotive electronic design, software development and system integration. This strategic alliance marks a solid step forward in the in-depth cooperation between the two parties. Voyager Technology will give full play to the advantages of vertical integration and provide comprehensive technical support to advanced institute company.


Voyager Technology Sales Center VP Jac Qiao said that Advanced institute company as a highly competitive domestic automotive advanced technology solution provider, had amassed a number of cutting-edge technologies and products in the area of smart car cabins, the next step will be the experience of the two sides, complementary resources, help to promote vehicle CMS product technology innovation and mass production to a new stage.


Editor's note: with the rapid development of the autonomous driving industry, As an important intelligent sensor for vehicle sensing, the vehicle-mounted camera has been increasing rapidly in recent years, thanks to the steady increase of ADAS function deployment rates and the upgrade of intelligent driving assistant functions. Among them, the compact size of CMS can help reduce wind resistance and fuel consumption; a wide angle of view can reduce blind spots; rain, fog or dark conditions can be clearly seen; and integration of ADAS functions can improve driving safety, which has a broad market applications.