Voyager Technology nominated in 2022 Smart Connectivity "China's Top 100 suppliers" list

Recently, the 2022 (4th) high-tech Intelligent Vehicle Market Summit was held in Shanghai with the topic of "Crucial market, who will compete with you". At the same time, the list of Smart Connectivity "2022 China's Top 100 Suppliers" was officially announced, and Voyager Technology was nominated by virtue of its comprehensive strength such as innovation ability, market size, technical solutions and mass production advantages.



As a professional authority, credibility and influence in the industry of intelligent connected vehicles in China, the list focuses on the core software and hardware business of intelligent and connected vehicle technology. Voyager Technology stood out from more than 300 enterprises in China. It completely acknowledges the overall brand competitiveness of Voyager Technology from "enterprise financing and overall scale" to "core technology R&D investment" and "pre-installation point mass production process".



Digging deep into lane and let innovators take charge


Voyager Technology, founded in 2013, is an independent research and development high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales and service. As a "specialized, special and new" Little Giant Enterprise in Shanghai, focusing on environment perception, intelligent decision-making, controls execution including other fields, and is committed to becoming the world's leading intelligent driving solution provider. It has several R&D centres around the world, intelligent manufacturing centres, pre-sales and after-sales service centres to satisfy the diverse needs of technical services and mass production.


Voyager Technology provides customers with flexible modularization services, including full-stack self-developed high-performance intelligent visual perception hardware, leading software algorithms, complete software and hardware integration solutions, technical support, etc. The main products include ADAS advanced driver assistance systems, 360/540/720 around view monitoring systems, APA/RPA/HPP/AVP parking systems, CMS electronic rearview mirror system, IMS in-car monitoring system, etc. It has launched hundreds of thousands of commercialized products domestically and globally, serving customers including Volkswagen, Toyota, Chery, Great Wall, Hozon Motors, Ssangyong, INDIEV, etc.


In 2023, the L3 level "VT-PILOT2.0 intelligent driving system" will be launched, covering sensing, fusion, regulation and control to intelligent driving domain control, navigation parking on autopilot, and continue to immerse in the field of smart mobility.



Voyager Technology was nominate as one of "2022 China's Top 100 Smart Connectivity Suppliers", which is market and industry recognition of the company's product technology and development strategy. In the future, Voyager Technology will continue to carry out market expansion, product innovation, provide end consumers with new intelligent mobility experience, power OEMs strategic differentiation, and add new impetus to the development of intelligent connected automobile industry.