Zero Distance Production | Voyager Technology Wuhu Ruishida Intelligent Manufacturing Centre Open Day

Recently, Voyager Technology Wuhu Ruishida Intelligent Manufacturing Centre (hereinafter referred to as "Ruishida") successfully held a two-day factory Open Day! From the general introduction of the company's corporate culture and safety production concept to the factory visit, to the meeting sharing and real car experience, industry experts and customers have a comprehensive understanding of the latest products and production conditions of Voyager Technology in this Open Day. As well as the strength of Voyager Technology research and development, product quality, production management, pre-sale and after-sales service and other aspects of core competitive advantages.


1. Intelligent, Efficient and Stable Production Management Ability


During the event, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., deputy general manager Pan Yanlong, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., general manager assistant Gao Jiabing, Wuhu Chery Technology Co. Ltd, General manager Li Zhongbing, Chery Lion Technology Co. Ltd, minister of ADS, Li haifeng, Wuhu Mengbo Technology Co. Ltd, minister of Intelligent Cockpit Research and Development Department, Li Qipeng, BiTECH Automotive Co.,Ltd, minister of Intelligent Cockpit Research and Development Department, Geliang,director of Automotive Electronics Key Technology Research Center of Xidian Wuhu Research Institute, Jiang Liwei, and more VIPs, came to the Open Day.


/Mr. Pan Yanlong, Deputy General Manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. (middle)/


/Mr. Gao Jiabing, General Manager Assistant of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. (middle)/


/Mr. Li Zhongbing, General Manager of Wuhu Chery Technology Co., Ltd. (right)/


Under the leadership of general manager Qiao Shujun and deputy general manager Luo Haihua, guests received a detailed understanding of the working process of the production workshop, R&D sample room, reliability laboratory and optical laboratory, including the workflow and advantages of fully automated AA production line and fully automatic lens production line.


/Mr. Li Zhongbing, General Manager of Wuhu Chery Technology Co., Ltd., visited the corporate culture display/


Currently, Ruishida mainly focuses on the research and development, production and sales of all kinds of vehicle sensing system products, which are applied to DVR, RVC, AVM, DMS, OMS, CMS, ADAS, APA and other intelligent driving systems, and is committed to becoming a 0.5 level supplier of OEMs domestically and abroad. The shop floor covers a total area of 5000 square meters, 1000 square meters clean room, including 2 module production lines, 1 automatic production line, 1 semi-automatic production line; more than 100 senior engineers, engineers and various technical personnel.


/Fully automated AA production line/


Established in 2019, Ruishida a total planned investment of two hundred million yuan, in addition to the capacity of advanced automated production, certified IATF16949 quality management system, as well as the lean management process, quality and service oriented, with ODM and OEM modes, to provide customers with quality products and services, the current capacity of 300K sets per year. Abiding to "people-oriented, quality first, innovation and win-win" business philosophy, in the future, will deepen cooperation with domestic mainstream car brands on product support.


2. Immersion experience, smart driving charm


In order to have a immersive product experience, just outside the building, a test car in the intelligent parking experience zone was ready for guests to have a firsthand experience. After visiting the production base, guests experienced APA and CMS products.


/Mr. Li Zhongbing, General Manager of Wuhu Chery Technology Co., Ltd., takes first hand experience/


At the invitation by the staff, Li Zhongbing, general manager of Wuhu Chery Technology Co., Ltd., rode the test car with great interest. Staff reminded passengers to fasten their seat belts and led a demonstration of APA's automatic parking process. After identifying the available parking space, the vehicle automatically completes the automatic parking. After experiencing the automatic parking of different parking spaces (perpendicular, parallel and angled spaces), general manager Li Zhongbing alighted the car to personally check the parking result, and praised the real car experience.


/Perpendicular parking/


/Parallel parking/


/Angled parking/


In addition to APA, CMS (Camera Monitoring System) is also the "star" of the immersive experience session of this Open Day. On site, a camera mounted onto the traditional rearview mirror of the test vehicle attracted great interest from the guests. Although this new product has not entered into mass-production , its function is amazing: when the vehicle is constantly moving, no matter the road conditions, bumpy and changing light conditions, it captures images around the car in real time and displays to the in-car display screen, for a wider field of vision, and clear bright picture.


/CMS (Camera Monitoring System)/


Compared with traditional rearview mirrors, CMS (electronic rearview mirror) is based on camera and monitor systems. The images captured by the camera, are displayed on the cabin display, which helps the driver see around the vehicle, eliminating blind spots, further enhancing driving safety and comfort. In addition, the CMS integrated with ADAS function can also effectively carry out the rear cross traffic warning and obstacle warning for added driving safety.


3.Seize The Opportunity, Wuhu Strategic Planning, Production Power


Since 2021, Wuhu, Anhui Province, has taken new energy and intelligent connected vehicles as the top ten strategic emerging industries, striving to create an advanced manufacturing cluster of new energy and intelligent connected vehicles. As the second intelligent manufacturing centre of Voyager Technology and the first intelligent manufacturing base in Anhui, Ruishida marks the capacity of Voyager Technology to produce high tech products to a new level, and also represents the determination of Voyager Technology to inject vitality into the high-quality development of the industrial chain.


The Open Day was successfully held, highlighting the strength and confidence of Voyager Technology with new products and stable mass production capacity. In the future, we will continue to innovate and develop with our partners in the industry with an open mind, close to the market demand, bring differentiated products and upgraded experience to consumers, and jointly promote the development of the intelligent driving industry.