New Chapter | Grand Opening of Voyager Technology’s Xiamen R&D Center!

In order to accelerate intelligent driving systems development, testing and further increase our competitive advantage, Voyager Technology opens newest Xiamen R&D Center!


Welcome to Voyager Technology’s Xiamen R&D Center


Located in Huli District, Xiamen City, Voyager Technology Xiamen R&D Center is close to Gaoqi Airport, with convenient transportation. As the fourth R&D center in China following after Shanghai, Suzhou and Taiwan, Xiamen Center has strong R&D strength, with 2 laboratories. The team has L3 level hardware and software integration capability, technical expertise in algorithms and domain control platform, and has mass production experience with many mainstream auto companies.


Shanghai R&D headquarters will provide strong technical cooperation support and talent transfer to Xiamen R&D Center, to ensure stable and sustainable development. In the future, Xiamen R&D Center will facilitate cooperation with Xiamen University and Fuzhou University to accelerate talent exchange and cultivation.



As the origin and the earliest place of Xiamen auto sales and service industry, Huli District has a good foundation of the automobile industry.  The industry has shown a booming trend in recent years. The successful establishment of Xiamen R&D center symbolizes the great determination of Voyager Technology in autonomous driving research and development innovation, and also represents the importance of Voyager Technology on business expansion and increasing service in the South China market. In the future, Xiamen will become an important service window to communicate and cooperate with customers of Voyager Technology based in South China, facing the whole country and radiating across the world.


The three pillars driving development.


Since its establishment 41 years ago, Xiamen Special Economic Zone has transformed into a "high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship city", and with "policy", "industry" and "talent" as the three pillars, leveraging the new growth drivers of Voyager Technology in Xiamen.


Since 2019, Xiamen Municipal government has vigorously promoted the development of "high-tech, high-growth and high-value-added" enterprises. The implementation of a series of powerful policies helps enterprises to move forward, and also strengthens the determination of enterprises to accelerate scientific and technological innovation and become bigger, stronger and better.


In September 2021, Xiamen Development and Reform Commission issued a new version of the key industry directory, which automotive electronics has become one of the key development industries, including "for the Internet of things, intelligent terminals, automotive electronics, smart grid, industrial control and other application fields of characteristic process manufacturing", "automotive electronics embedded software", etc. In December 2021, Xiamen was selected as the second wave of pilot cities for the collaborative development of smart city infrastructure and smart connected vehicles. At the beginning of 2022, the smart transportation industrial park project in Huli District was officially started. As a pilot transportation power demonstration area in Huli District, the park introduced platform projects such as ride-hailing, network freight, unmanned driving and smart transportation.


As an early key provider of intelligent driving technologies, Voyager Technology has grown into an intelligent driving service provider integrating research and development, production, sales and service. It has established a number of research and development centers, its own intelligent manufacturing base, pre-sales and after-sales service centers to continuously meet customers' technical needs and mass production needs. With the strategic placement of Xiamen R&D center, Voyager Technology will link the local industry high-quality resources, give full play to the advantages of flexible and efficient enterprise operation, and provide customers with rich and leading technical services and support.



In the future, backed by Xiamen City's continuous optimization, upgrading and innovation of "Qunlu Xingsha" talent policy, Voyager Technology will attract more high-quality talents from higher education institutions, as well as talents from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas talents, gather more technical resources and innovation advantages, and accelerate leapfrog development.


In the same way, each footprint is solid and powerful


Mr. Brian Chen, founder and CEO of Voyager Technology, warmly welcomes the new team and new partners, adding: "the R&D center in Xiamen is Voyager Technology critical to our market, showcasing great potential, increase R&D capability, strengthen the scientific research ability, market share and robust growth." The person in charge of Xiamen R&D Center of Voyager Technology also said that the team firmly believes, it will seize many opportunities, and officially open the blueprint of Voyager Technology in South China.