Calling all "Voyagers", the future is defined by you

Exploring smart mobility is a long road.


Looking back at the 1939 New York World's Fair, General Motors first proposed the concept of autonomous highway (Automated Highway System) with the "Futurama" pavilion, planning for "driverless, smart travel": autonomous cars on urban autonomous highways.


The general trend of "electric, intelligent, connected and shared" makes the magical and distant future travel conceived in science fiction movies become real and change our lives.


Now is the future!


In the middle of the showroom of Voyager Technology headquarters, a model is quietly parked, writing a blueprint for future travel for visitors.


The smooth arc of the pure white car body is just like the I, Robot Audi RSQ in the tunnel at high speed, and the autonomous driving is dazzling, and it seems very accessible. As a "technology enabler" rooted in the field of autonomous driving, Voyager Technology is realizing the intelligent cockpit and autonomous driving sectors. The most valuable wealth comes from the wisdom and hard work of Voyager Technology.



In the first phase of the "Voyagers" special project, we invited three intelligent drivers from research and development, procurement and sales to speak about their work stories and develop Voyager Technology from a different perspective. They innovate and focus, goal-oriented, united, never give up! This is a very "Voyagers".


Rapid growth, breakthrough and innovation


Timmy / R & D Center

Research and development, supply chain, sales constitute the "micro ecosystem" in the company. As the foundation of the ecosystem, Timmy of the R & D department said that to describe his experience in Voyager Technology as "dare to surpass and be the first".


As a research and development engineer, the sense of achievement and satisfaction comes from the technical difficulties of breaking through the forefront, and "the written code is widely used", that is, the team works together to implement the project and win the recognition of customers.


"From my own experience, when I came onboard, we were started from zero and in a short time achieved mass production, and the whole process was a fast growth.”


While sharing his teamwork story, Timmy highlights how people worked together to do one thing well. "We went to the automatic parking project, hoping to achieve ideal parking performance at higher speeds and more scenarios. Through the deep integration of visual perception and radar perception, as well as the multi-scenario adaptation, we have achieved the industry-leading performance, which is a successful challenge for us!“


The Voyager Technology R & D department is divided into five groups according to algorithms, software, systems, hardware and projects. Timmy's work is responsible for the system architecture implemented into different chip platforms.


He said the market difficulties, pain points and cutting-edge technology required innovation.  "In fact, for me, the most important thing is about openness and innovation, to do something that we have never done, that is, in the face of cutting-edge technology, we are open to" trial and error ", break through innovation, forge ahead, and never give up.”


The pursuit of innovation can also be reflected in the workflow to some extent. Timmy said, " In terms of workflow, we set a big goal, and the big goal can be divided into different stages and milestones. For different stages, we will be subdivided into many modules, so that we can exert more subjective initiative before the deadline.”


Customer-first, courage to take responsibility


Marvin / Supply Chain Management Center

The procurement department working closely with R & D is mainly responsible for material procurement, production planning scheduling, material scheduling, storage and transportation of raw materials / finished products / semi-finished products. Marvin said briefly: " It amounts to the whole life cycle from raw materials to finished products, in addition to the production process.”


Marvin, who has been in the company for three and a half years, said joining Voyager Technology was the right choice. "Time hasn’t been that long but not short as well, from a junior procurement to a deputy director, there were many opportunities given by the company in the process, and I also have a lot of efforts and preparation.”


"As a member of the company, the most satisfied point for me was that when I first entered the company, I went to the supplier and told the supplier about the company. Over time, when we meet the supplier again, they will say, Oh! It's Voyager Technology.”


The growth of the company and the gradual rise in the hearts of suppliers or customers, which is inseparable from the saying "no matter how much the cost, satisfying customers is the first", Marvin shared the thrilling story of guaranteed supply.


"In 2019, at 11 PM, our customer called our sales associate and said, 'The next day morning, the line will be stopped because, there is no host, the hardware has suddenly been all used'. Sales, purchasing and the company boss met overnight to solve the problem. For us, guaranteed supply is our top priority. At that time, the processing line was still in Guangzhou, but it was too late to rent private planes or drive over 1000 kilometers.”


Solving problems is not relied on just luck, Marvin revealed the answer: " On one hand, sales negotiated with customers to arrange our product installation on the afternoon shift; on the other hand, we negotiated with our factory to work overnight, and we flew the delivery by ourselves the next day. Through this matter, let me sigh with emotion that this is the unity of the team. It is also because of this work ethics, we won more project nominations.”


Walk with the best and achieve


Jennie / Marketing Center

One of the biggest differences from Timmy and Marvin is probably the property of an industry veteran: Jennie has more than ten years of experience in the auto industry before joining Voyager Technology. Why Voyager Technology? Jennie said three things: the boss's personal charm, the company's culture, and the realization of self-worth.


Jennie uses the three labels of "keen, strategic vision and innovative". "


As a boss, if he can't accept the suggestions or ideas of his employees well, it will have some restrictions on the development of the company. But our boss is very good at discovering the strengths of his employees and maximizing them, " she added.


"Remembering the summer of 2017, we are 'conquered' a car factory, just in the critical period of project, I proposed to our sales staff where each person was responsible for a different area, as an individual we can't consider everything, we can work on the project as a team, rather than limit to just a sales to correspond to this a customer. First of all, the communication cycle may be shortened, and at key points, one more person may have a more comprehensive perspective. In the end, the team's advice was adopted by Brian, and within a month, the project made a significant breakthrough.”


"To be a Voyagers, you can achieve yourself."


Regarding self-development, Jennie, who has been growing together with Voyager Technology, said that the gains and challenges are mutually reinforcing." At present, I need to lead my sales team to make the company's business bigger.”


Openness, innovation and inclusiveness


"Openness, innovation and inclusiveness" is the corporate culture mentioned simultaneously by the three “Voyagers”, and their practical work and actions have already given the words the meaning and state of going beyond themselves.



Voyager Technology, who has been in the industry for many years, have developed their expertise in their respective fields and become stronger with the company. It is with such a group of shining people, continuously working on the road of intelligent driving, all departments are united to achieve such a customer-oriented technology innovative company. As a smart mobility enabler, help customers realize unfinished ideas, help customers grow better from 0 to 1, and provide end-consumers with a further autonomous driving experience.


Voyager Technology is moving forward towards the vision of "more than car".


The most precious wealth is everyone in Voyager Technology. For the new partners about to enter the autonomous driving industry, they still have a lot to say:


" Come is the Voyager Technology, seize the current opportunity."

" Voyager Technology is currently in a period of rapid development, from 20 to 30 people to more than 200 people, two factories, four research and development centers, and foreign offices... welcome talented, ideal, ambitious partners, platform and bread will have!"

" Voyager Technology is worth staying, you will fly higher ~"