Voyager Technology appoints former general manager of Magna China subsidiary as COO

On July 1, Voyager Technology officially appointed Mr.Li Zhongxiang (John) as chief operating officer (COO) of the company, fully responsible for the sales center, manufacturing center, supply chain management center and other related businesses, and directly reports to Chen Yinren (Brian), the founder, chairman and CEO of the company.


In recent years, with the rapid development of the autonomous driving industry, Voyager Technology has seized the historical opportunity and laid a solid foundation for the company's healthy and high-quality development through professional management, talent attraction, optimization of resources and continuous innovation. In order to meet the diversified needs of domestic and foreign markets, Voyager Technology continues to make precise efforts in customer support and service, overseas business development and other aspects, continuously improve product and solution capabilities, deeply explore demand, comprehensively empower OEMs, and implement a new round of development goals. Therefore, this appointment is a critical for Voyager Technology to achieve specialization and globalization.


Mr.Li Zhongxiang has an extensive professional career. Before joining Voyager Technology, After 30 years of senior management position in the automotive industry, A Chinese subsidiary of Magna Group, the world's top 500 auto parts company (American Automotive News (Automotive News) recently released the fourth top 200 global auto parts suppliers in 2022), As the general manager for nearly 10 years, global group management system experience, extensive OEMS resources in China, proven development and excellent results, Rich experience in strategic planning, investment management, operation management and supply chain management.


Mr. Chen, founder, chairman and CEO of Voyager Technology, stated, " We very much welcome Mr.Li Zhongxiang to join Voyager Technology. He is an international executive with rich experience, possess a wide range of resource experience and deep influence in the automotive ecosystem, and has a deep understanding of the Chinese and global auto market. We believe that with his professional and pragmatic performance, will accelerate Voyager Technology’s business and market from China to the world.”