Hozon Auto Launches the New Neta U with Intelligent Parking Assistance from Voyager Technology

Neta U, the new flagship model of Hozon Auto’s Neta brand, was officially launched recently. Positioned as an "intelligent ultra-long-range pure electric SUV", it has been made even better with an upgraded exterior and interior, improved controllability, vehicle safety features and smart technology.


It is worth noting that the Neta U intelligent driving assistance system is equipped with parking assistance from Voyager Technology, creating a better intelligent driving experience for users by enabling hassle-free parking.


The New Neta U developed by Hozon Auto in collaboration with Voyager Technology enters mass production!


As an important part of Neta U’s L2.5+ intelligent driving assistance system, Voyager Technology’s parking assistance system features intuitive and reliable high-definition images, a clear display at night and a precise reverse trajectory parking line displaying the distance between the vehicle and obstacles in real-time. It also includes a metal casing boasting excellent heat dissipation and water resistance, allowing for safe and smart travel in any situation.


Unlike some companies whom obtained car-building qualifications through acquisition, Hozon Auto is licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to produce pure electric vehicles. Hozon delivered its first Neta in the fourth quarter of 2018. In 2021, its annual vehicle deliveries increased by 362% year on year, bringing it close to the first tier. We believe that Neta U will provide users with a new advanced intelligent driving experience while continuing to hold a cool and youthful attitude towards life.


The strategic cooperation between Voyager Technology and Hozon Auto began in September 2021. Since then, the two companies have continued working together in the field of automatic parking to create high adoptability, sophisticated and intelligent experiences by combining their technological strengths to continuously innovate. The launch of Neta U marks a new phase in this fruitful partnership. Moving forward, Voyager Technology will continue to make solid progress in the development of intelligent vehicles. 


We look forward to accelerating progress towards a smart future!

As a global high-tech intelligent driving firm, Voyager Technology boasts a product line covering environment perception, intelligent decision-making planning, control execution and other fields, including the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), AVP (Automated Valet Parking), Regional Unmanned Driving, etc.


The intelligent driving assistance system of Voyager Technology is currently featured in the flagship models of many domestic and foreign auto manufacturers covering over 60 models.



Voyager Technology is able to work flexibly, developing customized products according to the needs of vehicle manufacturers and cost control due to its significant advantage in the market, technical solutions and mass production.  Voyager Technology provides full-stack intelligent driving solutions by utilizing its full-stack software and hardware integration capabilities. Moving forward, we will continue to accelerate towards a smart future together!