"Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Win-Win Cooperation" Voyager Technology and Chery Technology have reached strategic cooperation

On December 28, 2021, "Innovation and Entrepreneurship · Win-Win Cooperation" 2021 Chery group auto parts technology exhibition was opened in Wuhu. As an important partner of Chery, Voyager Technology actively participated in this event. General manager Brian Chen attended the opening ceremony and strategic signing ceremony.

Yin Tongyue, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Chery holding group


As a global high-tech intelligent driving company, Voyager Technology has reached strategic cooperation with ten well-known listed enterprises in the industry, such as Bethel, Everett and Ruihu, and Chery technology, the investment and operation platform of auto parts industry under Chery holding group, to jointly explore the construction of a world-class auto parts ecological industry circle.


During the visit, Brian Chen, general manager of Voyager Technology, accompanied Yin Tongyue, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Chery holding group, to visit the Voyager Technology exhibition area. Voyager's innovative technology products and technical reserves have been highly appreciated by President Yin.

Brian Chen, general manager of Voyager Technology


Voyager Technology has brought "a new generation of intelligent navigation system", which covers multiple intelligent technologies such as perception, integration, planning and control to intra domain integration, cross domain joint multimodal navigation and parking integration, and deeply conforms to the "new four modernizations" plan advocated by Chery group. Through strategic cooperation to localize the ASIC chip Smartsens, and based on the in-depth development and application of Qualcomm and Amberalla platforms, Voyager Technology is imperative to help Chery Technology take off and accelerate the landing of a strong perception, strong integration and strong intelligence autonomous drive system.



As a strategic partner, Voyager cooperates closely with Chery and has in-depth exchanges and cooperation on many products. In the future, Voyager Technology will continue to improve its product R&D and innovation capabilities, and work with customer partners to promote the implementation of high-level intelligent driving solutions.