Voyager Technology Empowers Chery New Energy’s New Little Ant with Intelligent Driving

In June 2022, Chery New Energy launched its latest series, the Little Ant, a visually appealing, highly practical and cost-effective mini-vehicle designed for female users. To ensure safety, the new car will be equipped with driver and passenger airbags, a reverse parking radar system, a rearview backup camera, automatic parking capabilities and hill-start assist control. Some models will also feature a 360-degree panoramic camera system, a car side backup warning system, lane change assist and other functions. Among these features, the rearview backup camera and the 360-degree panoramic camera system are applications of Voyager Technology’s sophisticated technology. 


Enhancing the fun and safety of driving


As an electric mini car for female drivers, the Little Ant boasts a rearview backup camera system developed by Voyager Technology. It enables easy parking—whether backing into a parking spot or parking parallel to the curb—it will indicate the distance between the vehicle and any obstacles with high-definition images and a precise reverse trajectory parking line. 


Voyager Technology’s 360-degree panoramic camera system includes four ultra-high-definition cameras installed on the front, rear, left and right sides of the car. When driving, the images taken by the cameras of the car’s surroundings are transmitted to the smart display, eliminating all kinds of blind spots and assisting users change lanes safely. The rearview backup camera will be automatically triggered as soon as the car starts reversing, guiding the wheels along a planned trajectory. In addition, the 360-degree panoramic camera system also doubles as a data recorder which protects drivers against accidents staged to extort compensation. 


As the exclusive provider of the 360-degree panoramic camera system for Chery’s commercial vehicles, Voyager Technology has empowered the new Little Ant with a system that follows Chery’s previous commercial vehicles, delivering proven technology and a short R&D cycle. 



The surprisingly amazing electric mini cars


In recent years, electric mini cars have contributed to major growth in China’s new energy vehicle market. In 2021, for example, the total sales of pure electric mini cars reached 898,500 units, accounting for 30.1% of all new energy vehicles, according to data released by the China Passenger Car Association.


The reason for such growth, as pointed out by Ouyang Minggao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, lies in the energy and space saving features of electric mini cars, which means vehicle miniaturization will continue to be a major trend in future development of the new energy vehicle market. 


Since the debut of its first generation in 2017, the Chery Little Ant has excelled in internal and external modeling, intelligent configuration, driving range, body, configuration and safety in terms of the battery system, motor system and electronic control system. Within only four years, the production and sales of the Little Ant series has exceeded 200,000 units. Thanks to its early entry into the market and rapid iteration, Chery New Energy has become one of the top electric mini-vehicle manufacturers in the country.


The Little Ant series, equipped with intelligent driving functions from Voyager Technology, will provide a better driving experience with a greater sense of pleasure, and security!


In the future, Voyager Technology and Chery New Energy will continue their partnership in APA, CMS and many more product areas. The two companies are currently working together to increase their presence in the intelligent driving market, attract and build a wider audience through intelligent technology, and embrace higher levels of autonomous driving.